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Do's and Don't's 

Governance Professionals of Canada (GPC) values good governance, and appreciates when companies ensure they work with best practices. The Excellence in Governance Awards highlights the importance of good governance and wants to recognize those companies. Below will help your application stand out to the judges if you DO and DON’T do the following:


DO nominate your organization regardless of size, sector or industry. Judges are looking for success stories

DO tell your story of your success relating to the specific award category you are entering a nomination in

DO provide judges a clear path to the relevant information you are referring to in any attached/hyperlinked documents

DO use specific examples and anecdotes of how you have gone above and beyond in the award category

DO show how you have evolved in this specific area of governance over the years and how you have improved


DON’T rely on your attachments to make the case for you – tell the story in your executive summary and use the attachments as back up to your story.

DON’T rely on judges to read all attached material, make it clear what you want them to know and how to find it in your documents

DON’T use the executive summary space to give an organization overview, rather use it to summarize your successes in the award category

For EGA inquiries, please contact:

Letricia Fullerton
Manager, Administration, Education & Special Projects
416-921-5449 ext. 313

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